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Happy Birthday Gemini 2024

There is a lot happening behind the scenes that you may not be aware of. If you are caught up in your mental functioning Gemini, you may never see it. You must now, more than ever, look at physical evidence rather than doping things out with just communication for information and deciding your life’s direction. To know how to assess yourselves, you must first look at your gathered experience. To know what to communicate, you must recognize what your senses are telling you. To know where to expand your efforts, you must recognize your current tangible limits. To know where to change things, you must recognize what has remained the same past its usefulness. Essentially, to fully actualize the basic talent of information exchange so inherent in Gemini, you must now take a much more tangible look at your physical world. Now, experience is much more critical than mental communication and gathering information. This is truly a new challenge for the traditionally mental and ethereal Gemini.


Not only must you recognize and do things in a tangible way, but your communications skills will also become useless unless you do. Gemini is getting a big-time lesson in being physically responsible for your current situation. Too much information will push you into mental overload.


Action and how it affects your significant other must also be taken into account now. How does it affect your independence? How does it free or impinge on others? You must balance what works for you and others. Working just for others or just for yourself will perpetuate an imbalance and lead you toward false assessments relative to the expansion or consolidation you might need to create that balance. It’s time to slow down to better assess your actions. Quick fixes will only confuse the issues.


When dealing with others, be tactful. Don’t just listen for what you want to respond to. Take a longer look to see how your choices will work for both of you. A little compassion now will go a long way. Start now…

June 2024 Astrolights

How we use our sensitivities and the application of what we feel is at critical mass now. Neptune is in the last degree of Pisces, and everything connected to our ability to detach from our emotions is being tested. Pisces’ primary ruler, Jupiter, is in Gemini with Venus and the Sun and on the 3rd, Mercury joins the party. How do you use your powers of assessment and apply them to your communications? Do you listen to the conversation  for what you can respond to, or do you truly look at all the options to make a better decision? With Jupiter having moved into Gemini, we all risk the advent of information overload. With Pluto in Aquarius trining into this little stellium, we run the risk of being more easily coerced into what everyone else demands of us rather than what we truly need for our own growth and maturity. Belonging is not really all that important. Neptune in his last degree of Pisces is demanding that we look as deeply and honestly as we can into our own motivations and our actual needs. Are we simply reacting to keep our own security in place or are we really looking at what is best for all of us? Our skill in emotional detachment will tell us how far we’ve come in developing our emotional maturity.


On the 17th both Mercury and Venus ingress into Cancer. This will help us clarify the motives behind our choice of actions. Cancer is all about nurturance and security. When the Sun also moves into Cancer on the 20th, we will know which choices are security oriented and which ones are geared toward our emotional growth. The full Moon occurring in Capricorn on the 22nd will generate the objective responses from others that will help us make our self-assessment. The planets in Gemini will give us the versatility we need to take proper actions.


Lastly, on the 29th, oddly enough, Saturn will turn retrograde also in Pisces. This will help us to understand whether our choices have put us further behind the eight ball or freed us from being limited by our own immature security-oriented choices. This should be an interesting month for all of us.

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