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Just Released!

IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT: Heaven, Hell & the Many Faces of Enlightenment & Ascension - When we come into this life the degree of our spiritual awareness thus far becomes the force that pulls us into our current earthly lineage. We may become aligned with or against its traditions. This lineage provides a landscape and perspective to encourage us toward choosing a specific career and lifestyle. The intention is to bring the necessary experiences needed to expand our current spiritual growth and consciousness.

With this indoctrination in place, now comes the awesome task of returning to the spiritual state we were in before our incarnation. When or if this occurs, we are said to have become enlightened and accomplished in our spiritual ascension.

"In the World but Not Of It" examines time honored disciplines and religions that show the traditional patterns prescribed for our personal behavior. This will give us the understanding of how to release erroneous beliefs and emotional patterns that have led toward our worldly entrapment. Included are explanations about energy dynamics, intuition, emotion, and empathy. You will also learn how to avoid the many triggers and pitfalls that might send us back into worldly bondage. Truly a practical manual for leading one back into Enlightenment and Ascension. Paperback. 167 pages. ISBN# 978-1-7372493-1-3. $15.95. Purchase Now

NUMEROLOGY: Life’s Mirror of Vibration - Of all the things that numerology can provide for us, an integration of influences is the most important and the most challenging. Most contemporary books simply give an inventory of individual calculations leaving us to integrate them into a chart with our birth numbers, name qualities and while offering us a sequence or timing for their occurrence. Numerology has its predictive potential, but what is more important is how we perceive and use those influences.

Numerology: Life’s Mirror of Vibration has taken the simplest influences and integrated them into a tightly synthesized interface offering personality delineations of the client’s feelings and the actions that are most likely to be taken. Isn’t it more important that we use the influences we’ve been given rather than feeling fated to have to follow them? Paperback. 125 pages. ISBN# 978-1737-249-306. $15.95 Purchase Now


ASTROLOGY 4 PURPOSE, POWER & PERSPECTIVE: A Primer for the Seven Rays & the Work of Alice Bailey --This is not a book about who you or your client are or what you can become. It is a book about how you can allow your spirit to express itself through you more easily. Michelangelo cut and chipped away at the marble to free the inhabitants he saw trapped within it. As humans we are essentially doing the same with our earthly existence.

Neophytes and seasoned astrologers often tell us that our Sun sign and chart tell us who we are and what our futures will be. As our automobile manual does not tell us how we will drive our car or what it will be used for, similarly, our Sun sign and birth chart only tell us what we must do in order to “run” more efficiently. Djwal Kuhl has told us through Alice Bailey what we must know to do this.

Astrology 4 Purpose, Power & Perspective is a dual-purpose work. First, it lays out the fundamental concepts necessary for understanding the dynamic energies of the Seven Rays and, second, it includes a section delineating the application and effects of each ray as it applies to each sign and house axis.  

What is truly needed to promote a spiritual perspective is for us to be able to purge our overly tangible and often egotistical self-image which seems to evade many conventional astrologers. Then, we must recognize and incorporate the subtleties and refinements necessary for us to advance on our path toward our mental, emotional and spiritual maturity. Paperback. 299 pages. ISBN# 978-0986-436-482. $22.00. Purchase Now


PLOYS FOR DOMINANCE: A Guide for Recognizing & Disarming Manipulation --Are there times you feel manipulated? Are there times you feel like you’re being conned but can’t quite put your finger on how? Many of us often feel as if our lives are not our own. Often it seems like others just have a way of getting under our skin and making us feel that we should be doing what they think is best. Sometimes, they even make us doubt our own capacity for taking care of ourselves.

If you’ve felt this way, you’re not alone. These perceptions signal our susceptibility to manipulators and con artists. Some of them are even members of our own family. We have the ability to recognize their ploys and disarm their potential.    

Manipulators have a plethora of ways to make us feel that we either owe them, know less or that they have the only solution for what ails us. They also have a sixth sense for knowing who they can con most easily. What is not known is that they feel the same occasional sense of unworthiness as we do but are much better at hiding and working around it through their aggression.

Recognizing their ploys in the moment is our primary challenge. Our secondary challenge is learning to trust ourselves and knowing that they’re not the only game in town. We have everything we need to be and do what we want. We must just learn how to turn off our susceptibility to them and empower our own Self-Trust and confidence.  Paperback. 159 pages. ISBN# 978-0-9864364-37 $15.99 Purchase Now


SIGNS AND PORTENTS: A Reader's Guide for Combining Psychic Tools  - Psychic readers use many types of tools. We can use the tarot, astrology, numerology, psychometry and more. But very few use more than just one. Since using more than one requires learning a different discipline, many readers opt toward sticking with the one that they already know. Some also depreciate the value of other modalities. How much more depth and insight might we gain for our client by applying different perspectives? Each modality approaches issues from a different vantage point. Having studied many modalities over many years, I have taken what I consider to be the best parts of each and put them in a protocol.

This book gives a general familiarization with each of the modalities and puts them in a logic progressive format accentuating the client’s issues from many varied perspectives. Expand your horizons. Broaden your perspective. Give your client more than they bargained for. Learn the protocol or set up your own. New modalities combined with your personal organization of them will bring power, practicality and an unbeatable presentation to your clients. Paperback, 212 pages. ISBN# 978-0986-436-468. $15.95 Purchase Now 

OUT OF THE BOX: 7 Elements for Raising a Self-Directing Child - We all feel proud when our children come to us for advice. But is their decision-making process really a result of their own experience and thinking or ours?  And if they don’t come to us, where else will they go? Their peers? The media? Their teachers? Their pastor? Odds are, all these different sources will have a vested interest in what they do. Can we really know what’s best for our children in the long run? Is there truly a right and wrong way to do things? Probably not.

Our culture tells us that we should think for ourselves, yet, ostracizes those who don’t align with the “good” of our clan or social group. In aligning, we train our children to seek advice and permission for all important decisions from only the authorities we respect and honor. Granted, we want our children to live in harmony and follow the laws and rules that keep things running smoothly but to what extent is it healthy to follow only what has been prescribed by our culture? At what point does it interfere with their creativity and ability to be self-directing? In guiding them we must develop the courage to allow them to surpass us in what we have become and accomplished. Out of the Box gives us the tools to enable our children to do just that; become self-directing and helps us to assist them in choosing what they think and feel is best. Paperback. 120 pages. ISBN 978-0986436475. $14.95.

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TAROT: The Astrological Layout - This book is a comprehensive guide for integrating the symbolism of Astrology, Tarot & Numerology. Using and Mastering the Tarot and the Astrological Layout is a dynamic method to using the tarot cards, astrology and numerology in an innovative approach toward interpretation and integration of meanings. Each house represents a specific set of issues and circumstances particular to each area of life such as relationships, traditions, career and more. This method allows you to separate the issues with clarity in a way that the Celtic cross and other layouts don’t. Timing is established through the separate layers and any person in your client’s life can be found simply by counting to the appropriate house then simply reading the wheel as a new client.  Learning this method will provide tremendous dimension and insight to your readings. Prior knowledge of astrology is unnecessary. Paperback. 132 pages. ISBN 978-0986-436-444. $15.95 Purchase Now 

IS ANYONE THERE? Reaching Behind the Veil in Mediumship - In the short span of ten years Mediumship & Spirit communication have emerged from behind a shroud of fantasy & charlatanism to become a grounded & respected part of the metaphysical movement thanks to the courage and drive of leaders like John Edward, George Anderson and James van Praagh. Using psychology, common sense and easy skill developing concepts, this book will help you hone your ability to communicate with and heal your clients and those behind the veil. You'll discover your inner ability through exploring the philosophy, the practice and techniques of Spirit Communication, Spirit Healing and Soul Retrieval. This no nonsense and no frills approach presents a clear & direct path toward obtaining and building your expertise in the field. Covers ethics, philosophy, techniques, practice, client considerations, performing the reading, clearing a space, clearing a person and soul and spirit retrieval. The only thing left for you to do is practice! Paperback. 133 pages. ISBN 978-0986-436-406 $15.95 Purchase Now 

ENERGIZING SELF-TRUST: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your PowerIn our Western culture dysfunctional families we are raised within a maze of undercurrents & adages used to keep us in a role of performing the self-diminishing behaviors needed to cover for our parent’s unconsciously believed inadequacies. From adolescence on we then move into the world attracting relationships that repeat & even seek out the same self-devaluing rapport we had with difficult parents & guardians growing up. This has a devastating effect on our present & future ability to participate honestly in new relationships let alone to gather enough energy & consistency in our motivation to pursue what our hearts might have been inspired to be & do. Let Energizing Self-Trust assist you in forming alternate paths revitalizing your most secret desires & ambitions without the fear of undeserved shame, inhibition or distracting social obligations. Energizing Self-Trust will enhance your confidence through using a series of simple steps utilizing self-observations & making small changes in presenting yourself to the world. Reclaiming the self-trust and confidence lost in your childhood will then become easy through using these simple steps that replace undesirable and inertia bound emotional patterns with new experiences and new self-assessments that will make your motivation come alive with a new feeling of freedom and consistency. Paperback. 201 pages ISBN 978-0986436451. $15.97

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CYCLES: The Application of Energy Within the Natural Cycle - In nature a river is a symbol of life. It moves following the natural laws of gravity and motion following the path of least resistance. When we are relaxed and allow the current to carry us, we follow the same pattern of travel. However, humans are not known for being relaxed and passive. Some of us will even be stupid enough to swim against the current. Life is exactly the same. Despite the fact that we feel the currents, we still create difficulties and wear ourselves out by swimming against the current because we don't understand the dynamics of how energies flow in their natural cycle. Utilizing the combination of Moon phases, Saturn transits, Uranus transits, the I Ching & Pagan holidays, this book will help you recognize the natural patterns of flow in our lives so we may foresee shifts and have a clearer understanding of how to prepare for what comes next. Paperback. 103 Pages. ISBN 978-0-557-27153-5. $15.95 Purchase Now 

A MILE IN YOUR SHOES: The Road to Self-actualization Through CompassionOur approach to life is profoundly affected by the intentions and directions of our parents and caretakers, often with catastrophic results. The career not taken, the marriage not consummated are only two choices colored by the emotional distortions we might have come to believe about ourselves as a result of having faith and trust in the wisdom and omniscience we attributed to our parents and caretakers in our formative years. The “sins of the father” is a dominant theme leading to the necessity of our removing the biblical “mote in our eye” before we are able to clearly see enough to learn compassion and be willing to grace others with the love and acceptance we might have missed as children. What if we were raised with love and acceptance for who we were not who we were supposed to be? Understand what might have led us to feel shame and create the shadow that led us to doubt ourselves while building the courage, motivation and confidence in creating a fuller and more rewarding life. Paperback. 171 pages. ISBN 978-1-105-95262-3 $16.95 Purchase Now 

SOUL DROPS: POETRY & PROSE - By Katherine Woodward - Soul Drops is a small but powerful collection of poetry and prose that embraces 4 decades of the author's life on two continents. Authentic writing and the author's own translation of some of the pieces from Russian into English makes Soul Drops a unique jewel of poetically expressed bold emotions, nature, philosophical views and core values. Paperback. 38 pages. ISBN# 978-0986-436-420. $5.99. Purchase Now




SPEED FLIGHT: POETRY - by Katherine Woodward - The time that we live in, with its manifold aspects and their severe consequences, that influence strongly people’s lives, their choices, their set of values, is not the first-time occurrence throughout the history of mankind. The magnitude of the danger of losing the very matrix of our being has inspired this collection of poetry.

Different facets of life are embraced in this collection. The choice is ours, how to move on, and what is really important…

The depth of a lifetime of the author is voiced in each poem. The profound lessons that were learned are powerfully expressed into a poetic form and shared with the reader. Paperback. 28 pages ISBN# 978-0986-436-499. $5.99.

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