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Happy Birthday Virgo 2023

You will have the tendency to be extra detail oriented. Be mindful of this when dealing with others. They know you to be detail oriented in your normal frame but during this time they will see you as going over the top with your urge toward perfection. This will manifest in practically every area into which you will apply your energy. If you don’t temper this part of your character, you will find that others will avoid you. This same aspect of your character asks that you pay special attention to your health and your digestive system.

Responsibilities in relationships are tightening. You will find yourself a little more squeezed when dealing with the needs of others, especially your significant other. Stay practical and don’t give in to any exaggerated emotional responses. Just do the best that you’re able. You may feel a bit overwhelmed, or you may feel your guilt factor may multiply a bit. Stand your ground and limit your commitment to what you know you can handle.

What you want right now may not be quite clear. Make an effort to separate that from any pride issues as they will have a tendency to distort the clarity of your distillation. Many decisions you have pending now are dependent on the actions and decisions that others need to or will make. You must be patient to let them settle into their positions so you will have a clear understanding and an open field to do what you need to do relative to your responsibilities. Right now, things are a bit too fluid to make any permanent decisions. Apply your energy toward your ability to remain flexible. This will save you from redoing what you might erroneously choose to do prematurely.

September 2023 Astrolights

With Saturn and Neptune retrograde and the Moon all in Pisces in the twelfth house, it might be difficult to get a handle on the practicality of what needs to be done. Jupiter, the co-ruler of Pisces in Taurus turns retrograde on the 4th. Will slow the progression of the unconscious Pisces and give us a chance to reassess the resources that we have to deal with in the second house. This will also move Jupiter away from Uranus also in Taurus reducing the tension and stress from our having to move at twice the speed of sound in making practical decisions.

With the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Pluto again in Capricorn and Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, we have a grand trine in earth. This means that whatever practical or physical acts we set in motion, the grand trine will amplify that energy moving in the direction we have set for it. This means that we must monitor our physical actions and decisions very carefully lest they take off on their own, becoming a runaway train. It is imperative that whatever we set in motion is in the proper direction for what we want to manifest. If we’re slightly off course, it might accelerate faster than we might be able to control. Hold the reigns tightly and keep a watchful eye.

On the 15th we have a new Moon in Virgo and Mercury turns direct in Virgo. Now is the time to set new pathways for the month. The grand trine will most assuredly add to the propulsion of what we set into motion.

With Mars already in the seventh house in Libra and the south node also in Libra retrograding its way toward the cusp, be attentive to others for their reactions to what you have chosen to do. This includes not only your significant other but also potential “enemies” that you are aware of. The Sun’s sojourn into Libra on the 23rd will give you tact and the ability to take balanced action while keeping you on track with a minimum amount of ruffling any feathers.

Lastly, the Moon becomes full in Aries on the 29th. What you have manifested in independence and self-sufficiency through your decisions will become starkly apparent.

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