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Happy Birthday Taurus 2024

At Much of what you want is hidden from your consciousness. By refraining from looking at only what you can see, touch and taste and listening to your feelings, what you truly want will slowly surface. The universe is giving you a chance to redeem your spirit through listening and being flexible. If you can do this, your life will attain a balance that will bring you peace and contentment. If not, you and Sisyphus will follow the same fate.


Your career is undergoing some adjustments. You may have to work more with groups or within a group situation. Teamwork, which is not one of your strong suits, will require some attention on your part. You’re used to doing things on your own without the interference of other’s hands. Co-working will soon be the thought for the day. You will have to consider how you want to interact with others and what to expect of them.


Your recreation and creativity have a spotlight on them now. The degree to which you are exacting or haphazard must be looked at to make sure you have enough precision to keep it focused and enough freedom from being too tightly focused so you don’t miss out on any opportunities that might come along. If you have children, this also pertains to their guidance and discipline. If you’re too permissive, they may go off rudderless or half-cocked. If you’re too strict, they may rebel or feel too intimidated to act. As in the first paragraph, listening is the key.


This is a time of healing for you where your fear of losing control balances with your good sense in how much you act independently. Remember, what other people have or do really has no bearing on how you should act or participate in personal interactions. You still must listen to what your gut tells you and be less concerned with what other people have or do.

May 2024 Astrolights

Much of our consciousness is focused on how we feel relative to what we want in life. For many of us, this is not clear. Our goal this month is to allow and recognize the urges surfacing from our unconscious and see how they fit in the life paths we have chosen for ourselves. Do they match? Does what we’re doing fit with where we think we are going? Unfortunately, most of us have been trained to do what the world says is best for us. But this often creates a nagging feeling that something is missing from our lives that might enable our being content with ourselves in how we interact with the world. It’s time to slow down and listen. All that gains worldly approval is not necessarily what’s best for us and our current life’s lessons. Those lessons should preferably recognized from inside. The outside world is simply the changing landscape that we must move through.


Pluto, which has recently moved into Aquarius will turn retrograde on the 2nd. This will give us the opportunity to assess the newer life circumstances that have been presented to us from the world. Our landscape for action and perception has radically changed and we now must make adjustments in how we interact with the world. This forces us to take a deeper look at the values we have been operating under. Does what the world demands of us resonate with what we’ve been taught and how we feel? If not, we must plan a new strategy for coping. Is it simply about survival or is there something more that needs to be integrated? Each and every one of us must now decide what we want from the world, how to accomplish it and how to prevent ourselves from being dominated by the world’s demands. In short, it’s time to grow up and be our own parents.


On the 8th we have a new Moon in Taurus. This speaks volumes about how we see ourselves in the world and what we have at our disposal to participate with. What is the base value that we must operate from to feel like we are following the “right” path? If we feel any panic in our choices, the path we are following is not the “right” one. If we have a sense of ease and “rightness” in our choices, then we’re on course.


When the Moon turns full in Sagittarius on the 23rd, the direction we should be moving in will become clear to us. Venus also moves into Gemini on the 23rd while Jupiter moves into Gemini with her on the 25th letting us see all the possible ways and methods we can use to follow that path. The trick is to listen to our hearts to know if the choices we make put us at ease or send us into a panic. Our solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th has given us a shift of focus on our independence. Venus and Jupiter are now showing us what we must do with that independence. Listen carefully and choose wisely.

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