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Happy Birthday Aquarius 2024

The ground under you has been shifting. The “official” beginning is on the 20th. This is not a small change. It will primarily affect Aquarians but also Leos, Scorpios and Taureans and stay with us until 2043. You may have begun to feel this starting about a year ago. Aquarians have felt it as an internal shift in attitude. Leos have felt it as others opposing their actions and Scorpios and Taureans have felt it as people working at cross purposes to them. Some have not even recognized it at all since the change has been coming upon us so gradually.


Who and what you see as authority has morphed into something different than you have ever been accustomed to. You might become the authority and/or people you might not have ever dreamed of are rising into power over you. Truly a puzzling time for Aquarius. Merit and credit have been turned upside down. You’re now having to go deep inside to contemplate where you stand and how others should be treated. Your understanding of humanitarianism has taken a sharp left turn. Be patient with yourself. It will take you a while to figure this out.


If you have children, their education is going to take some research on your part before you find the proper curriculum that you believe will be best for them. This may even require you to change their schools, so they are not affected by some of the perversions that have infected our educational system.


You may find that your ability to influence others has increased exponentially. This will require you to consider very carefully many of the issues that you have allowed others to do without your input thinking that they were petty or that they were of no concern to you. Think again. Your input will now have more sway than it has ever had before. You are being pulled more into the public view than you might have wished for. Playing the background is no longer an option.

February 2024 Astrolights

February promises to be a quiet month. On the 5th Mercury moves into Aquarius, the Moon becomes new in Aquarius on the 9th, Mars moves into Aquarius on the 13th and Venus moves into Aquarius on the 16th. Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius on January 22nd will slowly begin to flesh out into our understanding of what his leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius will mean to us.


Whenever Pluto changes signs, our landmarks and reference points for how we get our bearings in the world shifts. It forces us to make reassessments of our standards and values. We must become much more introspective to see what we must internally adjust in order to continue on our path to our objectives. At times, it may even force us to change those objectives based on different worldly requirements. With Pluto’s change from Capricorn to Aquarius, we find we must change from an individually oriented perspective to a group-oriented framework. Doing this we may find that it negates the attainability of many of our personal desires. The American culture is one that accentuates the individual’s excelling in their chosen field with the application of merit for their achievement. With the advent of Pluto’s ingress, group participation and our responsiveness to them will become of much more importance. Hopefully we will be able to retain our autonomy as this occurs in spite of our administration’s push to make us part of the “herd.”            


Also of interest, we have Chyron conjuncting the Aries north node on the 25th. This may not seem to be much of any consequence but how we view our independence and pioneering spirit is now in the limelight. Chyron is the planet of healing. It straddles the orbits of Saturn and Uranus linking the physical world (Saturn) with the energy world (Uranus). In light of this we will need to rely much more on ourselves than anyone in the external world.

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