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Happy Birthday Pisces 2024

For the past few months your unconscious has been undergoing a huge shift. The undercurrents that have existed since late 2008 have shifted. It’s like the ground under your feet is moving and reshaping itself as we speak. The way you’ve dealt with the world and the things that you have empathized about it are somehow different. You’re no longer able to explain it as a tangible form. It’s as if it’s all moved to a mental plane and become group oriented. This will likely encourage you to avoid groups and crowds until you are able to orient yourself to this strange new world. Be patient. Take your time. You will have to develop a new rapport for dealing with the world.


Tangent to this development, you may find that you are able to sense much less coming from the people around you except for an utter sense of mental confusion. You’re also feeling an urge to talk but are afraid to say anything about what you are sensing since what you’re picking up doesn’t make any sense to you. You may also be feeling put upon by the people around you. Everyone seems to be complaining. This too shall pass.


On the brighter side, you may find that your creativity is blossoming when you disappear from the world. You are finding newer ways to nurture yourself. Just make sure that that nurturance doesn’t become excess food.


You may find now that working from behind the scenes is much easier and preferable than your patterns before. If you have a significant other or a best friend, you may find that working with them is now much more rewarding and feels a bit more secure than being exposed to the public. Just make sure that this doesn’t develop into a dependency you might regret or feel imprisoned by. Keep your wits about you and focus the majority of your time on how you might strengthen your independence. You’re going to need it when dealing with the public.


Keep your conversation with others about tangible things with others. This way you will stay grounded and sure footed. Siblings may offer you a haven for this. All in all, this is a time of inner work for you. Stay focused, grounded and keep your independence as an objective. Things will ease up soon.

March 2024 Astrolights

We begin the month with a stellium of Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces and the Moon in Scorpio. This tells of many things happening and hidden behind the scenes. Structure and authority (Saturn) is very fluid and very few of us know exactly what is going on, especially with Neptune in the lead. With Jupiter and Uranus in the second and in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio in the eighth, there is a tremendous power struggle beneath the surface of which we personally have no knowledge or control. With Pluto, Mars and Venus in T-square with these positions from Aquarius, the open end leads into Leo, the representative of the Baby Boomer generation. This power struggle will radically affect all of us directly born between 1946 and 1964. Our standard of life is about to go through a shift through the actions of Uranus (sudden occurrences) and Saturn (structure and authority).  Both are rulers of Aquarius.


The new Moon in Pisces and Mercury’s ingress into Aries then occurs on the 10th. This will give us a better idea on how we can receive and prepare for the coming changes. Where any kind of government support is concerned, we ae certainly on our own. The calvary will not come to the rescue. The are under the control of the current administration. The north node, having conjuncted Chiron in Aries, gives us a hint of how much independence will be needed to make it through the political deluge. This is an opportunity to develop our maturity in terms of being accountable for the situation we find ourselves in. The choices we make now will be set in stone once the forces that be reveal the doctrines that they will require us to follow. We are essentially being herded into a corner much like the Indians were herded into reservations when we first settled this country. Pluto’s 245-year cycle is beginning to repeat itself with our citizens as the victims instead of the Indians. We are now the indigenous peoples who are fast becoming a minority within the wave of the world’s immigration. Or nationality is fast becoming a memory.  


With the south node in Libra, we must settle any petty difference with our loved ones and families and set strategic plans for how we will deal with the coming tsunami. On the 20th the vernal equinox will occur and on the 22nd its ruler, Mars, will move into Pisces. Most of us with any patriotism or national pride will have to operate behind the scenes to avoid being persecuted by the “woke” who have been brainwashed into accepting the “New World Agenda” and the destruction of our traditions. Unless a miracle happens in our elections, we are bound for a very hard Venezuelan road. The Aries solar eclipse on April 8th will bring more insight on what we must do and how we must handle ourselves.

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