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Happy Birthday Taurus 2022

You have a solar eclipse occurring in your sign this year. Although your sign usually doesn’t put too much faith in astrology and the like, know this; this month will bring exposure to your core beliefs and energies. If you are pleased with yourself and your values, either you’re happy with who you are or you’re deluded about how others might see you. Either way, you will still have to take a long and deep look at your capabilities, resources and the things and people you use to identify yourself. And this will reach you on a practical level so you will have to pay attention.

Do your best to assess yourself without comparisons with others. If you’re not afraid of work, this will be easy. If you’re essentially lazy, and many Taureans are, this might not only be an eye opener but a hard road to hoe. Here, honesty and accountability will be the best policy.

Your career and your position in it have been difficult at best. There have been many people who appear to be working at cross purposes to you. This is not because they’re consciously contending with you but it’s simply about them being in a place that interferes with what you want and where you are going. Give them a little help to cross the intersection and they will move past you enough so you can continue on your way without obstruction. Do not perceive them as your enemy. If you do, there will begin a battle that never ends. Do you remember the story about the Hatfields and the McCoys? Look it up. They warred with each other for generations and never explored their differences enough to understand why, let alone, to stop or call a truce. The Chinese have said that “to acknowledge someone as your enemy gives them your power.”

A major lesson for Taurus is learning when to be patient and when to push ahead. This will become apparent when you encounter people who are passive aggressive. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into their game. Tell it like it is and just move on. Here, pride becomes a liability.

May 2022 Astrolights

This month brings a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th. This will bring an emotional reaction to how your abilities and persona are perceived by the public and those close to you. With Venus having moved into Aries on the 2nd, this will bring into focus how you view and act on your available independence. It will further be accentuated when Jupiter moves into Aries on the 10th. This will bring to the forefront your choices of whom you choose to defend and whom you allow tough love to take its course. With the south node still in Scorpio, this will also require you to accurately assess someone’s potential and their shortcomings. This will be intensified by Scorpio’s lunar eclipse. With Mars, Neptune and Jupiter still in Pisces, it will also test your ability to recognize and apply empathy.

With Uranus in Taurus within four degrees of the previous solar eclipse on April 30th, you have access to intuition as it applies to the practicalities of your life. Here you must learn to trust your gut and turn off any “woke” or “cancel culture” or political pressures coming from the outside world. You must trust this part of yourself in spite of who or what you may be accused of or seen as. This is about your commitment to your own values and the strength and courage with which you stick to them. This is apparent by virtue of Saturn still being in a separating square to the solar eclipse from late Aquarius. This interference has been powerful for the last two years of our Covid “crises.” It’s on its way out but it still has social teeth until it moves into Pisces next year.

With Pluto still retrograde in Capricorn until mid-October, political pressures will be a relentless and enduring thorn in the side of the middle class which is slowly disappearing due to strangling financial policies. When Saturn turns retrograde in June it will begin to apply again to its square to Uranus and the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. The open end of the T-square is in Leo. This will finally decimate the Pluto in Leo generation and its altruistic values which have made and kept the family and religion as the moral traditions that have held the fabric of our nation together as a leader in the free world.

It should be understood that the current transits are all happening on the sowing side of the natural zodiac with Aries on the ascendent. Because there are no planets in the western side of the chart or the reaping side, we must totally trust and rely on our intuition and reasoning ability to determine where and how our choices will manifest in the future. Now, everything is fluid without any outside world validations until we make our choices and take action. For most security-oriented people, this is a terrifying place to be. For those who trust ourselves, it’s a breath of fresh air.

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