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Happy Birthday Leo 2023

It’s common knowledge that Leo’s like to do things in a big and impressive way. But now you must pay more attention to the details of your values, possessions and the way you identify yourself. Details contribute to the overall impression of things. They may seem trivial, but they are necessary. Make sure that any service that they are applied to include an equal balance between self and others. Also, your desire to be generous and gregarious will come under scrutiny by those who use helplessness as a vehicle to gently coerce you into taking care of issues that they are responsible for themselves. The social optics are not as important as the standards of your conscience. Even though you may appear to be selfish to others if you don’t exceed to the coercions of those “less fortunate,” remember that they have their lessons too and that they must learn to become independent and accountable for themselves.

The balance between your career and the responsibilities you feel at home are going through a shift now. This will continue well into 2024. Your independence and personal autonomy will be facing challenges from what’s demanded of you from both arenas. Think carefully about how you want to be accountable and plan your actions accordingly. This adjustment is easy now but will become more difficult as time presses on and things get more settled.

It is very important that people know your preferences of them. Do not assume that others will follow the higher standards that you have set for yourself. Leo’s have a tendency of not telling others what they want or expect and then get mad when others don’t perform accordingly. Your values and those of others are different. Many people don’t even have any. Be prepared for the discrepancies and let the world handle its own inconsistencies. You are not, and shouldn’t be, the world’s policeman or lawgiver.

August 2023 Astrolights

This month is all about healing and asserting our personal autonomy. This means rather than simply following the crowd, we must listen to the urging of our commonsense perception and think for ourselves before reacting to any situation that elicits a knee jerk reaction. As our need for survival increases in intensity because of the “economy,” other issues are falling into the “hurry up and dispatch” these things so they don’t slow down our movement for taking care of necessary family responsibilities. For our own sanity and emotional benefit, we should be slowing down what we do in spite of the world’s demand for us to “hurry up and get out of my way” push. Pluto has retrograded back into Capricorn and is giving us one last chance for bringing the see-saw effect between our career responsibilities and home and family responsibilities into a final balance. Take your time to make sure your personal needs are not overrun by either of these areas of your life. With the open end of the T-square formed between Pluto and the Moon’s advancing Aries-Libra nodes, the fourth house and the sign of Cancer, the home, family and tradition are receiving a tremendous amount of energy to “set things right” for our own peace of mind.

On the 23rd the Sun moves into Virgo and Mercury turns retrograde in the same. As we know, we should begin no new projects or contracts. However, this is a time for repairing things that we use in our daily life. This includes our bodies. However, if there are any diagnoses that are necessary, it might be best to wait until Mercury turns direct on September 15th before we make any final determinations about what we are to do. Preventative measures would be best to follow now.

On the 27th Mars moves into Libra. Be patient and gentle with those who are close to you at the risk of descending into arguments if you don’t. Do things together that are constructive. This way you can combine your energies and give Mars a good activity to feed.

On the 29th, Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus with a full Moon in Pisces occurring on the 31st. All the sudden changes that have occurred in our resources and values have now slowed to a point where we can become more sensitive to what we have encountered in the recent months and determine how we can reorganize our identifying characteristics in a more streamlined way as they apply to our preferred way of living. This is essentially a breather provided by the universe to get our internal houses in order. Take the time to meditate, take it easy and participate in the family activities that you have been unable to do because of the past speed of life and its demands. Relax. Breathe. Let yourself settle while we have the opportunity. Enjoy the rest of summer in peace.

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