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Happy Birthday Aries 2023

At this point in time your feelings need to be assessed and sorted through. Any ability in allowing yourself to go with the flow may be interfered with by your fear of being dominated by others. Letting people find their own way is necessary for their growth and yours. Granted, sometimes you feel that doesn’t happen fast enough, but you must not let that encourage you toward taking over what others are attending to. If you do, this will frustrate them into not entrusting you with their issues. Live and let live.

Things in your home environment and traditions are about to get busy. This may be construction, changing traditional patterns or simply jazzing up your space. Additionally, mother issues and/or how you see yourself as a parent, or a child, is about to go through a shift. You will still need to assert yourself but make sure you do it tactfully and not with a hammer.

Your independence and how you see yourself is a big point of concern for you now. You have felt energies that encourage you toward being able to see and understand what you have accomplished so far. You may feel that you still need to do more and feel that you must have the freedom to do it the way you please. Doing it this way may make others feel a bit left out while you assume that they have nothing valuable to contribute. Your need for independence does not justify omitting gratitude to those who wish to offer their support. Let them contribute even if it does not apply the way you want. It leaves them with self-respect.

There is a healing going on as to how much recognition you want or need from the outside world. You’re finding that what comes back from others is no longer as potent a factor in how you view yourself, especially since their view and participation in the world no longer aligns with the values you hold dear.

April 2023 Astrolights

The highlight of this month is the next bi-yearly set of eclipses. The solar occurs in Aries on the 20th and the lunar occurs on May 5th in Scorpio. Both are Mars ruled and talk about action out in the open (Aries) and behind the scenes (Scorpio). With Pluto having moved from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 24th, Saturn is still the major force of drag on the action we take. Its move from Capricorn to Aquarius changes the landscape to which we feel a newly diffusive and unfocused resistance to our actions. What was governmental and structurally restrictive has now become socially oppressive. Look now at how much our social influences have grown in relation to authoritative. It is now our social awareness that has been slowly taking over how we are influenced and what actions we take. Are we afraid of “cancel culture?” Are we afraid of losing our job if we speak against the status quo? Are pronouns interfering with how we relate to each other? Are our children learning what they need to function in the world? All these things have become nebulous and vague influences that interfere with what decisions we must make for surviving and pursuing the American dream.

As the solar eclipse occurs on the 20th, the day after Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on the 21st. How do we now view ourselves in this new environment? Are our values still a match for the forces that we must now deal with? Is a man still a man? Is a woman still a woman? Who now determines what we should accept and believe? We must now think for ourselves. We must now take the media with a grain of salt and maybe even look at it as a satire of real life. Our traditional values are being eaten away by the perverted forces in charge. We must hold fast to the past two hundred and fifty years of values that have given us solid reference points for how life should be lived. The solar eclipse in Aries monumentally emphasizes the need for us to still live by our own values regardless of what externally deteriorating authorities claim we should allow. At the least this is a lesson and a challenge to our personal integrity and human autonomy.

As the lunar eclipse occurs in Scorpio on May 5th, there is a tremendous power struggle surfacing and challenging how much will we allow others to badger us and take from us. Will we acquiesce toward giving an undeserving and overly vocal minority who have neither earned nor even done the work we did to forge our own futures? How much are we willing to give away to those who haven’t earned it themselves? How much will we allow equity to diminish the merit behind our accomplishments. Charity and compassion should only go so far and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be guilted into doing so. Now is the time to draw a line in the sand, otherwise we will lose it all…

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