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Happy Birthday Aries 2022

How do you currently relate to and in groups? Political correctness has forced itself into the spotlight. As an Aries, this is something that is likely revolting to you. Being one of independent thought and action, the thought of acquiescing to the crowd simply in order to belong or be accepted is abhorrent to you. The advance of this kind of social thinking is in place to show you how different you have grown in thinking independently. It is to remind you of your Aries lesson and perspective to be independent, to take the less traveled path and to be accountable for your choices.

From January of this year until July of 2023 you should be reassessing your resources, finances and abilities to determine if what you have is sufficient to get where you planned. If what you have, or don’t, is not aligning with a path toward your desires, it’s time to redirect how you allocate them. This boils down to “do you know where you want to be a year from now?” Remember, exploring is at the core of your Arian nature. Is this part of your plan? Decide now before you are boxed into responsibilities that don’t serve you.

There is currently a lot of pressure to dedicate yourself to social causes. Choose carefully where you dedicate yourself as you don’t want to end up with someone else simply “holding your coat while you fight the battles that they should be fighting themselves.” This is typically a tremendous downfall for Arian parents who deprive their children from gaining the experience that they need by fighting their battles and saving them at every turn. It robs them of their ability to gain autonomy…something you need and value very much.

Lastly, look carefully at how much of yourself you share with your significant other. They probably do a lot for you but you push their gifts away or diminish them thinking that they’re trying to buy or usurp your power and autonomy. They already know that you need your independence and probably give you more space than they would give any other. Don’t make them feel that they are unnecessary or that you don’t care simply because your autonomy feels threatened. Sometime people just give or do for you as a way of showing their love. Accept it graciously.

April 2022 Astrolights

We begin the month with a new Moon in Aries positioned with Mercury and Chyron. This talks about independence and accountability. This speaks of independence for everyone; people, businesses, countries and more. The issue of independence is one that needs discrimination. There is the question of when to be independent, when to work with others and when to let others be by themselves. This issue boils down to how confident we are in being by ourselves and not depending on others for who we are or whom we believe we should be. Insecurity leads us to interfere with others making ourselves felt by others to be dominant or indispensable. Security allows us to be comfortable in our own skin while being alone. The question we all have to ask ourselves is when do we seek the company of others to share and express ourselves and when do we solicit support and acceptance?

With Mars and Saturn together in Aquarius, there is an urge to be with groups. The question we must ask ourselves is what powers that urge. Do we need validation of ourselves or do we seek new and different experiences? Most of us will say the latter but we must examine our motives a little more closely. Be honest with yourself. It could be an eye opener as to how we define what we do with our own Arian aspects.

With the south node in Scorpio, the north node in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus with the north, we are apt to have experiences that shake our view of who we are and what we have to work with. With the solar eclipse coming to Taurus on the 30th we might even have some unexpected experiences shocking and shaking our confidence in how our world is and how we think it should be. On the 29th Pluto will be at station in Capricorn intensifying any of the Taurus/Scorpio axis issues. Let your intuition and your Aries positions be your guide as to how to react. Keep independence and accountability at the forefront of your mind and you will find yourself on ground that will support your growth and your independence.

Important facts: Ukraine is a Taurus country. Transiting Uranus is exactly conjuncting Putin’s progressed Jupiter at eleven degrees of Taurus in his seventh house. Transiting Saturn is conjuncting his progressed Mars three degrees from his fourth house cusp. His natal Mars is in Sagittarius conjuncting his progressed Sun in his second house…a normally Taurus house. On the 30th the solar eclipse will fall in Taurus at ten degrees twenty-eight minutes conjunct in an orb less than one degree from the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in his seventh house. (Putin’s stats: Oct 7, 1952, 9:30AM BGT, St Petersburg, Russia.)

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