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Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2022

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

What comes out of your mouth might be true but it may put you in a bad rapport with the people who hear you say it. Sometimes a gentle approach is needed for things that may penetrate deeply the people you say them to. You may have an inside track on honesty and things that need to be said, but just saying them is not enough. Although tact is not one of your best qualities, you must learn to use it to avoid losing friends. You also have, currently, an ability for seeing the essence of things. Use it to assist others to see themselves and their motivation.

Because of your outspokenness, you may have a tendency to attract others who want to be contentious. Let people vent if they need to. Your tendency to trigger them with your outspokenness is usually a godsend for others since it gets things out in the open air that normally wouldn’t surface. Don’t react until everything has been vented. You will feel when the energy dissipates. Then deal with it in a gentle but firm manner. This will ensure that you have the whole story. This will mostly occur in relationships that have begun in or returned from the past. It’s history. Let it stay that way.

There are many things that people will bring up from the past that you were unaware of what you were saying or implying at the time. Just help others to move on. Their experience with you was a learning experience for them. They may not be happy about it but what was, is.

Lastly, in March your family, home and tradition will be going through a change. Responsibilities will shift. You will either be come unburdened or you all acquire new responsibilities. Your siblings, if you have any, will also strongly influence how you handle these changes. Whether they are the cause of them or simply the recipients of them remains to be seen. The home environment may feel to be more in control than the influence you receive from siblings. Stick to your values, explain them as best you can but allow your siblings to go on as they see fit. All you can do is explain yourself as best you can and shield your family from any unseen circumstances.

December 2022 Astrolights

The beginning of the month brings a major shift in the direction of unconscious energy as Neptune turns direct on the 4th. Many of us have been rehashing the effects of our fears as Neptune has been moving retrograde since the end of April. This not only brings things like the explosion in Ukraine to center stage but also all of our individual fears. These include the support of our families, the shift in what’s being taught to our children in their schools and our tightening economy. Under this pressure there has been a wane in our opportunity to express compassion for those who are hurting even more than we are. The retrograde of Neptune has been giving us the opportunity to rethink much of what we’ve been through. However, now, we’ll be covering new ground.

Also, this month we have a growing T-square between Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, Moon, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and retrograde Mars in Gemini. The open-end empties into Virgo. With all the mutable energy there is a need to consolidate it and discriminate how it will be used especially with the change in Neptune’s direction. Virgo contributes itself to health issues, service (to self and others) and daily routines.

On the 8th the Moon becomes full in Gemini almost exactly conjunct retrograding Mars. We should be extremely carefully with our bodily movements and navigating in traffic during this time. The combo will act much like a Mercury retrograde except concerning the actions and the words that contribute to them. Knowing how to act or move might be confusing, especially, for people who have strong placements in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

A second major shift this month happens as Jupiter changes sign from Pisces to Aries on the 20th. This will create a hard square to the Sun who moves into Capricorn the day after. Anything of an expansive or excessive nature will now shift from emotional considerations to a physically active one. Aries has a habit of acting first and asking questions later. With Jupiter moving into Aries, this will be highly exacerbated. This will be a time of thinking before we act. It will also accentuate our awareness of how much independence we have and our options on how to solidify it.

The new Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd will give us the opportunity for new career patterns. The Mercury turning retrograde in Capricorn on the 30th will then give us the opportunity to reconsider our move. Remember not to sign anything new until Mercury returns to being direct.

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