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Chakra #7 – The Crown or "God" Center

The crown center, or Sahasrara in Sanskrit, lies approximately two inches above the skull in a direct line above the pineal gland. Note that it is outside the body. This emphasizes the fact that this center is essentially beyond the scope of human understanding. If we look at the pictures of ancient wisdom figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, we will see what has commonly been called a halo. The implication is that these individuals operated on a level much more subtle than any of the other centers and that their physical existence was of no import except as a vehicle for the expression of their perception of universal energy. As individuals, we may, at short intervals, “glimpse” the consciousness and awareness existing at this level but I believe that no on in the world, save for a few enlightened souls, operates from this perspective. Yet, I will say that this is a primary entry and exit  point  for  energy  as  is  the  perineum

relative to the root center. These two points can be loosely compared to the extremes of yin and yang where the type of manifestation is almost purely material or energy. The yin and yang interplay with its infinitely possible combinations of energy acts through all the centers of the body in varying degrees and combinations. Hence, the variety and the diversity of life expression.

It would be pointless to attempt to describe types of perception or uses of energy in that the crown center includes them all in an unfathomable fashion except through the awareness of a few enlightened souls. And, even then, who would they be able to explain it to that would have any comprehension or comparable experience to relate with?

Adapted and Excerpted from:

Maerz, John L., (2012). A Mile in Your Shoes: The Road to Self-Actualization Through Compassion.  Lulu Publishers.

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