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Happy Birthday Scorpio 2023

Your mental acuity and regenerative energy are in the spotlight this year. They synergistically power each other. However, you will have to be careful to avoid getting caught in any power plays. Your best bet will be to work from behind the scenes. That shouldn’t be too hard for you to manage as it seems to be a natural pattern for you. But just keep in mind that there are many others who are aware of things below the surface. It may surprise you to know how many others are aware of what you are doing and how you operate.

What you want should be pretty clear at this point. What you can acquire from your worldly work is equally as clear. Be careful about being too specific. Sometimes when we are too exacting about what we need and want we sometimes let better opportunities fall by the wayside. Have an open mind about what the universe may bring you. You may find that it widens your sphere of accomplishment or at the least clears you a path to do so.

In the coming months you may find that your home environment is going through a very subtle shift. It might be that there is nothing that you can directly put your finger upon. Yet, it may seem like the landscape is shifting rather than the projection of your effort. It may require you to adjust your plans significantly to keep your foundation solid below you. In its least effect, it may require you to shift a bit. At worst, it may require you to make a move that totally revamps how your personal traditions have been operating up until now. Keep your ear to the rails to make sure you’re not caught off guard. This may even force you to shift your rapport with your family to accommodate the new setting.

Speaking of family, it is time for you to assess the rapport your family has with you and you with them. It’s time that you and they moved passed the privacy that you and they employ to avoid being real with the world. Scorpio families are notorious for harboring subtle undercurrents that keep their paranoid “self-worth” image from leaking out into the world. Many families war among themselves but if an intruder threatens the family “shadow,” they’ve been known to ferociously turn upon any “outsider” in order to keep their internal protected emotional contracts in play. Being honest will be difficult for you but be more so for your family since they might not understand that what you’re doing is in all your best interest.

November 2023 Astrolights

We begin the month with Saturn turning direct in Pisces on the 4th. This will help us get a handle on our empathy. This has most been affecting us in our reactions to the demands and expectations of others to the detriment of our own well-being. Neptune’s presence in Pisces has made us over-empathically sensitive but without the necessary discrimination necessary for us to process it properly. Our proper discrimination allows us to establish a much needed balance between our feelings and our common sense and practicality. Saturn’s going direct will help us to accomplish this. When Venus moves into Libra on the 8th, she will show us where the balance is and provide us with the proper choices to create and maintain that balance.

On the 13th the Moon becomes new in Scorpio. This will focus our awareness on our capabilities as compared to those of others. Mars’ presence there will enable us to take action in conjunction with how we see the balance. With Jupiter and Uranus in opposition from Taurus, we should have a see-saw action until it all comes to rest. Don’t allow paranoia about who is better or not pull you into power struggles. Allow the process to find its own balance rather than forcing personal advantage.

On the 22nd and 24th, respectively, the Sun and Mars both move into Sagittarius. This should bring a very festive energy to our thanksgiving. It will also bring our minds toward a focus much more spiritual and philosophical. This is a time for looking at our lives and values to see if we are in alignment with our highest goals.

On the 27th we have a full Moon in Gemini. Everything that we’ve been through now comes out of our mouths in conversation with everyone. All the subtle undercurrents, all the games, all the ploys we’ve been subjected to or been playing now find their way into words. Everything becomes clear and out in the open. Talk it through. Let it all out. The more we speak, the more we clear up the confusion that we’ve been living unconsciously. Learn to recognize the motives that have driven us to remain secret in our families and in public. And then, be thankful for what we know now but didn’t before…

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