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Happy Birthday Libra 2023

Energy will be at your disposal. It will also be very focused on the way you’ve been handling your relationships. Look very carefully at how they have been dealt with and decide if they are responsive the way you want. Are you being respected? Are others understanding you? Do you understand them? In this light you must be certain to be independent and self-compassionate in all your dealings with others. This will help you set up your boundaries.

Support and perhaps understanding coming from others may be sporadic. It will be up to you to keep things in a fluid manner. The way others will respond will tell you exactly who you are dealing with. Other people’s expectations of you may be somewhat different from what you expect or assume. Do your best to understand what they want of you but make sure it does not transgress your boundaries for respect and a kindly rapport. Other people may make assumptions about you that don’t fit the reality of who you are. Be kind and gentle and make sure you let them know where you stand in what you expect of them in their treatment of you.

Health issues may reemerge concerning your feet, hormones and fluids. Pay attention to the physical signs you receive. This may be the last opportunity you get to be able to properly diagnose what it is that you may need.

This is a time for organizing your home environment in a way that works best for you. It may run contrary to what your spouse or significant other wants to see for you. Talk about what you feel you need in order to function properly. You may have to organize your personal environments differently. Be understanding but firm in your decisions.

Lastly, don’t let pride or stubbornness affect the way you negotiate your “territory.” Be honest with yourself but also firm about what you truly need. In the long run the relationship will work better with clearer boundaries.

October 2023 Astrolights

Three major events color this month. Pluto turns direct in Capricorn on the 11th, a solar eclipse occurs in Libra on the 14th and a lunar eclipse occurs in Taurus on the 28th. Pluto’s direct motion in Capricorn puts the finishing touches on its sojourn through Capricorn before it permanently takes up residence in Aquarius on January 22nd. All our organizational and authority issues will be cemented into place. It’s important that any career changes be firmly in place and toward your preference before that time. After that social issues become much more dominant. This will also be a new time for setting new goals for you to work on for the next few years.

As for the solar eclipse, relationship issues will take center stage. With Venus having moved into Virgo on the 9th, it’s important that we discriminate very carefully how we want our relationships to proceed. The emphasis will be on how we serve each other. Does your significant other know what you need? Do you know what they need? This is a time to have a serious conversation about the rapport that is needed to make the relationship thrive or die. Mars moves into Scorpio on the 12th so it’s important to dig for the truth and not let power struggles interfere with our perceptions. We must be up front and open about our hopes, fears and wishes. We must work on our goals together and decide how we want to support each other. Venus’ presence in Virgo requires that we openly commit to our significant other’s objectives and they to ours. The more specific we can be to how and what we will commit to, the more solid our relationships will become.

On the 22nd Mercury moves into Scorpio and the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd. This is the time to out any potential ulterior motives so we can clear the field of any undercurrents that might sabotage our efforts. When we get to the lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 28th, we should have a pretty good idea how the ways our personal identities will pan out together. October should prove to be a very important and interesting month.

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