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Happy Birthday Cancer 2023

Your tendency for pride is in the forefront. But more than that, it is important to tell people what you want and not just assume that they will do or be what you think they will. Don’t be insulted or feel hurt if they don’t or aren’t. If you are disappointed when someone does something you don’t expect or don’t want, ask yourself if you have made them aware of your preferences? Also, during this time “rules” will be important to you whether you follow them or consciously break them. Realize that almost everyone has differences in the rules they follow or break. Accepting and understanding this contributes to your patience and gregariousness which are admirable qualities to aspire to, let alone, necessary to grow into.

Your goals for how you want to come across to others and the qualities you’d like to develop in yourself are very apparent now. Take the time to watch the actions of others as you change the presentation of your character. Experiment with it. See which qualities you feel best with and which resonate best with your conscience. Now, people are a bit more excitable and agitated and you’ll be able to see their truest reactions relative to who you are, they are and what they perceive.

There are currently two voices talking in your head. There’s one that urges you toward specificity and accuracy and another that encourages diversity in the variations available for your choices. Before you make decisions determine what’s more important: accuracy or flexibility. Then your decisions will become relatively easy. These two voices in your head are the principal difficulties you have felt over your lifetime between security and free creativity. Generally, when you feel secure, you grow bored. When you feel insecure, you feel fearful but free and excited.

Lastly, don’t allow applied guilt from others to coerce you into doing for others when they could be doing for themselves. Your life lessons about nurturance are about where and when and to whom you should apply your abilities and compassion. Remember, charity begins at home. Doctor, heal thyself first. Then you will be fully charged to apply mercy and compassion to everyone else. An empty gas tank does no one any good….

July 2023 Astrolights

We begin the month on the 3rd with a full Moon in Capricorn. Simply enough, we can see the results of whatever projects we have been applying our energy toward. On the 10th we have the Moon moving into its third quarter in Aries. This alerts us to what we must cut loose from in order to maintain our independence and effectiveness. Mercury’s ingress into Leo on the 11th will help us to make sure that pride doesn’t stand in our way of cutting loose.

The most important change this month is the new Moon in Cancer coupled with the lunar nodes passing from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra. This change will last from now until January 2025. How we identify ourselves and others and the indicators that we use to do so moves from the tangible and emotional to the energetic and perceptual. This pulls us away from a tangible focus and gives us the ability to see how we perceive ourselves on an energetic and participatory level as we interact with the rest of the world rather than assessing ourselves by what we possess or feel. It enables us to take a step back from our previously immersed involvement. We will now be able to see the forest not just the trees.

In the Taurus/Scorpio scenario, Mars was essentially invisible and working from behind the scenes and our assessment was through a possession-oriented Venusian perspective. With the Aries/Libra scenario, Mars will now be in an “in your face” perspective while Venusian assessment relative to Libra will enable us to perceive and affect any imbalances that might need to be dealt with. This perspective now moves from a concentrated or externally immovable set of circumstances to one where there is potential for us to invest personal initiative toward adjusting our situations. The time to take action is now.

On the 23rd of the month Venus turns retrograde in the third decan of Leo which is a Mars decan relative to Aries. Whatever values we may hold at our core should be passionately held on to and defended. This is a good time to look at the applicability of the values we do hold in light of the onslaught of public habits that have recently been overwhelming them. It has been said that tradition is a hindrance to our growth and awareness. However, what has not been said is that they serve as a reference point for comparing the incoming beliefs and growing habits that may be far more erratic and destructive than any hindrance that our traditional values may pose to us. Assess your values closely and don’t be too quick to let new fads or fashions in personal standards take the place of your integrity simply because they may be more palatable to the public.

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