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My Story


Thank you for visiting my site. I can only assume that something you’ve seen, heard or read has sparked a curiosity behind something you’ve sensed toward finding a deeper meaning behind the simple words you’ve heard. Welcome! Something has awakened within you…but to what and where?

Let me first paint a picture for you. Maybe, it may resonate within you and, perhaps, elucidate something you might have felt but have not yet found the words for. As I grew up, I felt a distancing from those close to me in a way that made me feel that for some reason I just didn’t fit in or that I was somehow odd relative to the people who populated my early life. This was and is so much so that, to this day, my deepest feeling still says, “I’m not from here.” This was resoundingly echoed when others asked me, “John, what planet are you from?” This, coupled with my compulsive inclination toward looking behind daily occurrences for why people might behave and do things in the way they do, led me into a tsunami of effort toward understanding why I wasn’t so easily dragged along in the tide of my peer group. This rising within me birthed my obsession with learning to understand the dynamics of personal motivation.   

For most people, religion or simply the cultural behavior we were instructed in as children served as a sufficient enough answer to quell any rising curiosity about our purpose that might surface in us during the mundane activities occurring in our daily lives. But, somehow, that wasn’t enough for me. I knew that there had to be something more to my life than simply following the rules, being a “good” and obedient person and not making any waves that might disturb the security of others provided by their living within the programmed social protocols that have led to our expected cultural behaviors. This drove me into a lifetime of researching numerous life styles and spiritual disciplines searching for whatever it was that I felt was missing…but to no avail. Yet, with each exploration, my arsenal for understanding the beliefs supporting why others did what they did, grew fuller and more complete. To date, the best reason I can come up with for my own purpose in life is to know, to become aware and to share what I’ve found. So now, back to my story and its focus.

There are three types of people in the world: those who follow others, those who resist others and those who choose to follow their own path. Somewhere throughout our lives we make a choice to be one of the three. This can happen at any age. It comes from our experiences in life, the pressures we perceive as being generated by others and the degree and intensity of our need to belong and be accepted and supported by our elders, peer group and culture. The first two choices are the most susceptible to external factors and the actions of others and the last answers primarily to our innermost urges mostly independent of the actions and influences of others. The first two are emotionally and mentally generated. The third is accessed solely through our intuition and requires the most courage to follow. Unfortunately, the majority of our population operates within the first two pathways and the numbers are still growing as a function of contemporary cultural pressures, child rearing techniques and the current shape and direction of our educational system. Very few follow the third.

We spend the better part of our lives listening to what other people tell us what we can do, why they believe we should or why they think we can’t. History has shown us that “successful” people follow their own path. They rarely listen or follow what others tell them to do or what they can’t do. Ask yourself this question. Who do you know that fits your definition of “successful” and who has done everything they were supposed to do or were told to do? Odds are…no one. People like Thomas Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nicolai Tesla, Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Marie Curie, John Lennon, Janis Joplin and Nelson Mandela, to name just a few, have all followed their own path listening to their own heart and inner calling. All of us can. Most of us don’t. All we have to do is listen to and align with that small voice inside.

My site is intended to give you the insight on how to follow and walk your own path. Each of my books, articles and classes challenges some part of your current perspective on life and gives you alternate and sometimes new options for increasing your awareness, clarifying your heart’s desires, enumerating your best potentials and learned skills and finding the opportunities you can use to fulfill your ultimate success and purpose independent of the pressures and urgings of our cultural climate. Open up to your natural and innate intuition and that inner voice we so often ignore. Let others chalk it up to your irrational side. Make your spiritual path clear and available to you without the need of justifying it to others. So, welcome! Begin your journey now. Enjoy my books, articles and classes on MP3. I welcome your responses and observations. I hope you have as much fun and insight reading and listening to them as I’ve had writing and teaching them!

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