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Happy Birthday Virgo 2022

Your career appears to be moving on two separate tracks. One of which might seem obvious and one that seems to be creeping up from behind. You may or may not realize it yourself but others in your sphere of influence may be a bit more aware of a change in you than you are. Take a closer look at the newer endeavors that you have put your energy into. Do they seem to be taking on more of a life of their own? Are you more drawn to them than other things? It’s time to reassess and concentrate your energies. Decide where you would like to be. Many of the old insecurities no longer have sway over your choices. Allow yourself the freedom you see in your potential. Don’t make rash decisions. Just observe the changes that have been gradually occurring and make allowances for the inclusion of their progression.

Granted, as a Virgo, you like to be needed but don’t let that become a reason for doing for others so they may feel obligated to do for you. This always backfires and the giver remains the giver. Be of service to others only in that you see what is needed for their emotional growth and not just their physical world benefit. And even then, only do so because you choose to and not due to some ulterior motive for “payback.” True service is powered by our intuition in doing what the universe directs you to do and doesn’t necessarily always meet the preferences of the beneficiary let alone you the giver. Remember, tough love is also a part of service.

If you’re recovering from any stress or trauma, you may feel a lack of energy to get back on track now. Be patient. Around the beginning of October, you will feel more energy to regenerate. Additionally, take a good look at any personal habitual patterns you may have developed that seem to sap your energy. These are likely older in their intentions and now out of date. This is a good time to recognize and release them. This will rescue regenerative energy from prior poor application.

September 2022 Astrolights

Be very careful with verbal exchanges. Your mouth may get you in trouble with Mars having moved into Gemini. Comparisons of what you have or what you think you deserve may conflict with what others only appear to have more of. Also, with Mars in Gemini your energy may tend to become more scattered than you may think. Although this accentuates more of a tendency toward multitasking, it detracts from your ability to focus and concentrate on singular endeavors. Be attentive to your energy levels and prioritize what actually needs to be done so you don’t waste your energy.

With the Sun’s ingress into Virgo, this brings up issues having to do with service. The Sun will stay in opposition with Neptune most of the month. It will be necessary for you to discriminate very carefully who for and why you might feel you need to be of service. If you use an “America First” kind of an attitude, you can be assured that you will have and maintain whatever personal resources that are necessary to answer the call. Make sure that others aren’t guilting you into performing for their benefit. This will become more obvious as the Moon becomes full in Pisces on the 10th. You must also remember to equally service yourself. Burnout is the biggest problem in the service industry. Don’t become a statistic leading to your resentment for doing things for others. Keep it balanced.

Also, on the 10th Mercury turns retrograde in Libra. Stay clear on what is needed to keep your relationships moving smoothly where both of you understand what is needed and how to accomplish it. And as with all Mercury retrogrades, don’t sign any contracts or begin any new deals until he turns direct on October 2nd.

On the 23rd the Sun moves into Libra with a new Moon on the 25th and Venus moves in on the 29th. This should give relationships a new footing and a supercharge. Be mindful of sharing where both of you receive benefit.

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