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Happy Birthday Scorpio 2022

What you want has suddenly become clear. It will be necessary for you to openly commit to your choices. It will also be necessary for you to sort out what is pertinent only to you and what may be a choice that would provide you an influence over others. You must choose the former and not entangle your choices with the interactions of others. This is a time to detach from power struggles and conflicts over dominance. This is about you and your values not about others or your attempted influence over them.

In late March your familial landscape will be moving through a metamorphosis if it hasn’t already begun. Rather than the features of your family changing, it is the backdrop within which you and they must work. You can attempt to re-energize the current premises on which your family has been basing their interrelationships on but you should be aware that the changing background also changes how you and you family are perceived by others and the world. At this point, honesty will be the best policy as you cannot comprehensibly plan how the world will see you. Whatever image you attempt to construct; the world will see past it. If you haven’t been honest, this will not leave you in a good place. If you have been honest, you find a positive deepening of the relationship you have thus far created.

Now is the time to work independently toward whatever projects you have been directing your energy into. Your independence will provide a good example for others to follow and a trust in your efforts that are aimed toward helping them to get their feet on the ground in these trying times. With no tendencies toward invoking dependencies on the part of others, you will create long term business and health relationships that will provide rewards and advantages to you tenfold. Use your insights to inspire and encourage others. You have the insights but must resist any competitive paranoia you might feel.

November 2022 Astrolights

With the concentration we have in fixed signs, things seem to be at a standstill with pressure building up toward a release. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 8th will tend to amplify the pressure of the Uranian retrograde as if filling a balloon beyond capacity. He exists in the T-square between Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun, south node and personal planets in Scorpio. The exit point for this energy is in Leo corresponding to the “baby boomer” generations who are losing retirement security, losing home value and slowly being drowned in the increasing expenses of simply living. With Pluto direct in Capricorn and Saturn direct in Aquarius, our social structure is being pressured into unwanted changes. From behind the scenes (retrograde Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces) these changes contribute toward a crumbling family structure, where our survival is being pushed to the breaking point and government policies that are strangling our economy and our businesses in the name of equity, inclusion and “global warming.” At this point, there can be no doubt that this destruction and undermining is intentional. Our only hope for relief lies in our upcoming election. Please, think before you vote.

With the Sun, south node, Mercury and Venus all in the eighth house in Scorpio, the support we give to and receive from others is getting a lot harder to deliver. The best support that can be given includes encouragement and hope; qualities which now seem to be difficult to muster if not totally absent to our access. These are times which illustrate our character and what our current values are in the face of diminishing time, energy and opportunity. These two eclipses are a poignant reminder of the need to find our humanity. We must become resourceful and innovative to an extreme in order to arrive at the end of the long dark tunnel that our once magnificent culture has been driven into by those in power. If we cannot, we will degenerate to just another third world country at the hands of oligarchs.

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