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Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2021

Unconscious urges will be a focus for you now. It will seem like you have urges to do things that you haven’t thought out or thought about. You will also find that things come out of your mouth that neither you expect nor even desire. This is the universe’s way of bringing you out of yourself past your personal security governors. These will broaden your horizons past your comfort level. Just relax into it and allow the universe to bring you what you need to grow.

Issues concerning freedom and the resulting circumstances that present themselves after you pursue it are of concern now. Realize that your insistence on being free sometimes makes people feel unwanted or unneeded by you. This does not mean that you should sacrifice your freedom so they don’t feel neglected. It is simply means that you must be aware that others need to be needed in order to sustain their self-image and that they make themselves feel unwanted through their judgment of themselves. Do what you do but be aware of this. For them, you are a prime example of how to pursue their life without rampant self-consciousness.

You may also be feeling that there are things that you want to say but are unable to find the words. Just start speaking and let you intuition guide you in what to say. It likely may not be what you intended but the gist of what is needed will come out. During this time, you may also find that issues with your siblings or closest neighbors will come to the forefront now. They come now because your unexpected urges will bring them to the surface past your personal guard. Yours and their responsibilities may now be clarified with ease.

It will be important to let others speak. You do have a tendency to over-run conversations. Strategic listening should be developed now. You must learn to “tune into” others in order to get a feel for what they’re talking about. Listening is not one of Sagittarius’ strong suits. It must be painstakingly worked on to become effective. Relationships will be made or broken depending on how well you are able to learn to function in this way.

December 2021 Astrolights

Tactfulness in relationships will be highlighted this month. People’s belief systems have come into jeopardy. There has been so much disparagement toward behaving in a conservative way that people are starting to doubt their own traditions. The 4th brings a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. We will now have to make a choice as to whether we want to belong and be accepted by the loudest socially prevailing mob through accepting their contradictory and crumbling values or if we want to stick to our traditional values that have given us such a strong feeling and understanding about the freedoms and stability that our western civilization has been providing for us. Our core values are being undermined and we must act on our own behalf to keep our personal space and our lifestyle.

On the 11th the Moon will in its first quarter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Our sensitivity to issues will be at a height. Be mindful of what people are asking you to compensate for. It is usually for their own incompetence or neglect of their own dignity and responsibilities. It is not your responsibility to make someone else feel better about themselves by “dumbing yourself down” or limiting your own personal expression or space. On the 13th Mars moves into Sagittarius. Do your best in allowing yourself the freedom to express and perform your best in spite of the whiners who claim that you’re showing off and making others (them) feel self-conscious or bad about themselves because they’re too afraid of risking failure or looking bad. At the worst, you may be accused of being racist which has become the universal method for undermining excellence and proficiency in the name of “equity.”

On the 19th the Moon becomes full in Gemini and Venus moves into Capricorn. Talk about what you feel is important with those whom you trust and respect. It’s important that you solidify your own values at this time so you may recognize those who are lost in their “woke” social identities. These people no longer have a stable set of values that contribute to living life in a way that produces personal stability. They are totally responsive to political subversion. The “woke” winds of social identity have no basis in any of the values that have made this country strong and desirable. Be yourself, stick to the values that you grew up with and listen to your heart not the media talking heads.

On the 24th Saturn in Aquarius will complete and exact square with Uranus in Taurus. The stress between personal values and political social currents will be at their most intense. Personal courage will be in the greatest need. We must know what we believe and have the wisdom to know when to act and when to refrain from acting. At this time avoid any arguments that ignite passions. They will likely become contentious if not combative. It’s a time to be strong but not aggressive. Choose the “hill you want to die on” carefully. It will keep you out of trouble.

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