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Happy Birthday Pisces 2022

As of the New Year things have started happening in a big way. Arguments are big. Rewards are big. Distances are big. Even our weight is becoming big. You are now in a time to really become aware of what needs to be augmented and what needs to be curtailed. This also speaks of compassion, too. Granted, compassion is a major lesson that you need to learn to handled, but it doesn’t work if you give away the farm. This is especially true if you are employed in any of the “helping” fields. If that’s the case, and it is likely if you’re born under the sign Pisces, it’s time to get a grip on when it’s actually needed and when you’re throwing away money and energy into a bottomless pit.

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t throw pearls to swine.” But how do you discriminate the swine? Easy, it’s when nothing comes back and you become “the gift that keeps on giving.” Then you know that they are swine. Understand that you are only responsible for yourself and your children. And that’s only until they’re age eighteen. The hardest things for a Pisces to throw off are guilt and the feeling that you must fix the problems everyone complains to you about. Using “tough love” may not leave you feeling good about yourself but at least it gives you a chance to deal with your own issues without using other people’s stuff as an excuse not to. Do it! So much for becoming self-responsible.

This is a time for you to be less reactive and to bite your lip, say nothing and assess why you’ve “been made” to feel the way you do. It’s a time to learn your emotional triggers and learn to disarm them. This is done by learning to say no to those who make you feel uncomfortable, self-conscious or guilty about anything. You’ve just finished this dealing with your family and now it’s time to do it with the rest of the world. Get to work. You’ll feel much better when you do…

March 2022 Astrolights

With the month starting with the new Moon in Pisces along with Jupiter and Neptune, it’s a good time to dive into the depths to get a good handle on what triggers you emotionally. Now days, it seems like everyone is offended by something. What gets you? Why do you think what you believe? Do you feel out of control? Well, you’re not. Everything we can respond to is a choice…and it can be a conscious one. But if we let others dictate who we should be, what we should want, what we should believe, what is moral or how we should act, we’ve given that choice away. Or, more succinctly, we have allowed ourselves to become passive and unconscious in dealing with our world. March will bring the spring equinox on the 20th. It is Aries ruled. This means we should be acting on what we know, believe and feel. Don’t let the media and “wokism” drive you into obedience and tribal inhibition. Act!

With Mars having moved into Capricorn with Pluto and Venus, we should be working on what makes our career stronger, more organized and better structured. Our ability to regenerate (Pluto), decide (Venus) and act (Mars) are conjunct creating an almost indefatigable force for wherever we decide to direct it. Take advantage of the energy. Make it happen. The “force” is with you. Have little or no fear in expressing yourself.

With the north node having moved into Taurus with Uranus, this is the time to use our intuition to gather and distribute our energy and resources. Let the mind only tell you how to do it but let your intuition tell you what to do. The north node and Uranus also trine into the forces in Capricorn which will allow us to build what we need for our projected future. Use these forces to create our new directions and perspectives offered by the equinox. With our watery forces and the Sun in Pisces, this puts planet Earth in Virgo completing a grand trine in earth. This puts us in the material loop. Practical success is almost guaranteed. All we have to do is choose what we want to build and apply ourselves.

With Chyron still in Aries, this is a time for the individual healing of our will and independence. Look carefully at whom we allow ourselves to be accountable to and why and I think you may be able to achieve a new standard in how you might apply yourself. “The unexamined life is not worth living”…Socrates.

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