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Happy Birthday Libra 2022

Don’t be too proud to ask for what you want. Never assume that others know what you want. They have their own issues and are not really paying attention to your needs. It’s also important that you’re not too specific and not too vague in what you think is important. Not everyone will have as clear an understanding of what is needed. Your reaction to what you get back is also important. Be grateful that others have at the least made an attempt to please you. The rest you can do yourself.

Be reserved in your speech and think things through carefully. You may have the tendency to jump the gun and overreact to what others may say or do. Support from others may be sporadic at best so take what you can when it’s presented.

There is a strong drive to take action relative to your higher values. Again, think carefully and look at your personal history to get a good idea where your actions may take you…or not, especially in relationships. You may also find yourself exploring new philosophies and perspectives on life. Let these wash over you and feel the implications of what they might bring you. Your feelings about how they may affect you are more potent than any logic or recommendations by others. Think for yourself slowly and deliberately.

Be careful in any confrontations. You may not be correct in what you assume. Hear people out before you react or make any decisions. Then you can be sure you have the whole story.

October 2022 Astrolights

This month brings us to the fall equinox and the six-month eclipse pattern again. The solar eclipse happens in Scorpio on the 25th. This month and the oncoming one will bring some resolution to the power struggles, personally and nationally. There has been an ongoing battle for the domination over our resources and liberties. This can be both in our families and nationally. We have been pushed into survival mode due to social changes. Our families have been being split by many social factors. This totally upsets our center and the sense of self within each of us. Almost all of these factors have been artificially created or factually ignored to undermine our safety and well-being to force us into abeyance. This election will be a pivotal time for our future as a free nation.

On the 8th Pluto will turn direct in Capricorn and the day after the Moon becomes full in Aries. Independence and freedom are prominent issues. On the 23rd Saturn will turn direct in Aquarius. These are all signs that speak of structure and control. Pluto and Saturn are the heavies bringing strong undercurrents and changing responsibilities. The full Moon brings awareness of the freedoms that we still have and the ones we might recoup. This makes us very much aware of having to do what is needed ourselves in spite of the pressures being applied on us by our current administration. Our trust in our social institutions has waned badly. Our families must pitch in and help makes ends meet in spite of authoritative and divisive influences.

On the 28th retrograding Jupiter will move back into Pisces with Neptune. We must trust our own hearts to know what the right things to do are. We can no longer trust our government, the media or our educational system which is being usurped by radicals and becoming riddled with racist indoctrination. We are truly on our own. Hopefully the lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th will bring an honest election.

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