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Happy Birthday Gemini 2022

Your life philosophy may be going through a subtle shift. Be careful about letting the prevailing view of humanitarianism coerce you into giving more than what your energy level or conscience might allow. This is the age of “loud minority” demanding that you sacrifice your personal autonomy under the guise of compassion or social responsibility toward those who are “oppressed” or less fortunate. There is an erroneous prevailing belief in metaphysics asserting that we must sacrifice ourselves as a validation of our humanitarian nature and spiritual maturity. This is bogus. True spiritual growth requires that we become balanced in our own energy before we start contending with the problems, demands and issues of others. The old adage is “charity begins at home.” You will be neither racist nor selfish for taking care of yourself first. Accusations of such are simply a ploy for control.

Take a closer look at what you wish to be receiving as a result of your career and long-term goals. Beginning on the 25th this should become clearer to you. In doing this beware of those feigning helplessness. They’ve been coming out of the woodwork for the last month. Assist others in taking care of themselves, show them how to do it but don’t do it for them. If you do, it will create a dependency that will be extremely hard to free yourself from, especially, if you are susceptible to guilt.

Until the beginning of June, sign no contracts, begin no large projects and look at your past actions and give them a secondary consideration. This is a time to review what’s already been done not to begin new patterns.

Lastly, clean up your work environment and don’t make excuses to others for the type of organizing and patterning that you need to work. This may be a time to reassess these but you need to do what you think best. This will build your momentum and give you validation that you’re on the right track, or not, for what you want to manifest.

June 2022 Astrolights

As we begin June, Mercury turns direct on the 3rd in Taurus. Our thinking will be mostly concerned with what we have and what we are able or unable to do. On the 4th Saturn will turn retrograde in Aquarius almost exactly squaring Mercury. This will create tremendous mental pressure. With the South node still in Scorpio, almost at the same degree, the energy will exit through Leo (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius T-square). This will accentuate our pride in ourselves, our children and our creativity. If we have a creative outlet, this will be a great time for investing energy into something personally creative. If we don’t have that outlet, we may find ourselves having to defend our honor in the face of criticism levied by others. Realize that this criticism will most often come from a place of jealousy and we must pay it no mind. Our attempted defense would be a fruitless endeavor that we could easily get swallowed up by. Count to ten or walk away. The south node trines into Neptune in Pisces and we could easily become drained by those who know how to use guilt or shame as a weapon.

The Moon is in its first phase in Gemini and will then move through part of Cancer. Do not allow your insecurities to take center stage. Keep the chattering mind at bay and trust your intuition and inner feelings. This is a time to “feel” your way toward your next twenty-eight days of worldly activity. Do not blindly follow the demands of others until the Moon turns full in Sagittarius on the 14th. Then, you’ll have a clear understanding of what and who you’re dealing with and what’s behind the motivation of their demands. This will give you a clear head to choose.

When Venus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on the 11th and 12th, there may be a potential for new relationships or a possible windfall of resources or money or its potential loss. Stay grounded and use common sense. Do not jump to conclusion. Mars in Aries will encourage us to do so.

Finally, with Mars now and for the rest of the month in Aries, work independently. This way the effect of your own efforts will be clear and undeniable. This will tell you how well you can depend on yourself for accomplishing your current objectives.

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