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Happy Birthday Capricorn 2022

The biggest change for you is how you relate to your family, your tradition and your roots. You can sense the necessity for it but you can’t quite narrow it down to any specific circumstance that creates the need. There may be one obvious trigger but by and large, many factors have contributed to your newest decisions. If you look deep inside the reasons will all resonate with your need to establish your independence despite the indoctrinated responsibilities you feel toward the members of your family. Also, despite your tendency toward being conservative, there appears to be a rising need to explore new avenues for expression. This is a part of you that wants to do things you haven’t done before. Listen to this part of yourself. It will bring your attention to issues that have been needing closure for a long time. It’s just that, until now, you’ve never imagined any other ways of dealing with them than what you’ve been doing. Traditions do change but only slowly. Allow yourself to go with the flow.

It's time to look at how you’ve been handling your daily routines. Since things have slowed down a bit, you’re having the opportunity to see them from a bird’s eye view. Take your time. View them carefully and you should be able to reformulate your patterns in a way that no longer scatters your energy. After all, conservation is one of your many assets. Listen and regroup. This will allow you more down time for regeneration.

Beginning in March you will find that your communication becomes much more disciplined and structured. You will find that you are able to sense what needs to be said but perhaps have difficulty actually putting it into words. You may also find that you must deal with your siblings in a much more exacting style. Don’t fall for any sob stories. You are very responsible, and people tend to play on your dedication to their advantage.

Come July you will either get a raise and/or see where career options will work better for you. Your diligence and ability to be responsible have built a great track record for you for either a promotion or a sparkling new resume for your next position.

January 2023 Astrolights

One of the most important influences we have now is Jupiter in Aries on our ascendant and it's remaining in Aries only until May 2023. Everything will have a largeness to it. Jupiter’s influence will tend to either over-emphasize what might be expansive or to exaggerate what is to be diminished…all to excess. It is up to us to re-balance the importance of each occurrence free of the input of others as it applies in our own lives. Jupiter’s movement out of Pisces and into Aries heralds a time of new exploration, personally and globally. This could be our focus on space exploration ranging all the way down to the way we handle small new options for each small choice in our lives. The key is to comprehend the values behind what new options are brought to us.

January brings three planets to direct motion; Mars turns direct in Gemini on the 12th, Mercury turns direct in Capricorn on the 18th and Uranus turns direct in Taurus on the 22nd. We all understand the actions of Mercury, direct and retrograde. The only thing of note is that it occurs in Capricorn which represents authority, our social status and career. Mars’ change of direction is in Gemini which gives it a connection to not only how we relate to authority and our public status but in how we think about ourselves when talking about them. This directly relates to how we identify ourselves internally and politically and how we address each other, most poignantly, related to gender. Do we follow the traditions of our culture, or do we yield to the chaos of the currently imposed diversity? In other words, do we accept our place in the nature kingdom as male and female or do we reject our alignment with it and accept the artificial identity and gender perversions demanded of our currently twisted social milieu? When all is said and done, we will have had almost a year of assaults on our tradition, religion, the family, our gender identity and our core values. Do we listen to our hearts or follow the media?

Lastly, we have Uranus going direct in Taurus. Taurus is how we tangibly perceive ourselves; our resources and our abilities and Uranus relates to our eccentricities on the physical plane and intuition on the inner planes. Needless to say, as our cultural trends have been following a virtual roller coaster, we can say that how we identify ourselves now has certainly been subjected to radical challenges and expectations, especially, as an aftereffect of all the subterfuge we’ve encountered in the political area.

After the smoke clears and all the transits and changing landscapes settle, family, career, and our hopes and wishes for them will certainly look very differently come this new year than any other. Hopefully, our hearts will be in the right place and we will win the battle for personal integrity and autonomy.

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