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Happy Birthday Cancer 2022

There’s plenty of action happening in your career right now. Things may even be a bit out of hand as everything seems to be exaggerated in its importance and deadlines. Make sure that your actions are being done from a point of independence. Otherwise, your dependence on others will drive you nuts.

Your memory will take one of two paths. Either you will be totally forgetful of what you wanted to say or remember, or what you need to remember or say will be right on the tip of your tongue. Be careful as you speak. You will have the tendency to blurt out things that might be better left unsaid. Your “governor” for your conversation may not be working very proficiently at this point and there might be things that you would rather remain unknown to others. Think first, pause second and then decide what you’d like to “let out of the bag.”

You may find that the assistance you might expect or desire from others may be slow in coming until around October. You may also find that others need or demand more from you. Take it slow and balance your options carefully.

This year is a time for you to be outer directed. As a result, you may find very little quiet time for yourself. The “nest” that Cancer escapes to for privacy and regrouping may seem unavailable to you either because of your location or the worldly responsibilities that you must live up to. You find it very difficult to clear your head of others and their needs. Choose your obligations carefully.

If you have children, you may find that they are hiding more from you than usually. The more rules and obligations you put to them, the more likely they will hide and avoid you. Before you assign responsibilities to them ask yourself first if they are actually necessary or do they just pad your feeling of security. If the latter, then you are in overdo mode. Remember, they are people too. Allow them to choose the direction of their own lives. Let the “apple fall far from the tree” if need be. They will become more self-sufficient if you do.

Lastly, your sense of spirituality is going through a shift. Allow yourself to learn of how other people live their lives. You might find some useful alternatives to gaining the security that you need to feel in your current life style manifest.

July 2022 Astrolights

Based on what our country is going through, we all seem to be having to fend for ourselves. With Mars, Chyron and Jupiter in Aries, everything is about independence and doing what is needed for our own survival and sanity. A little edge that we have is that Chyron is in this mix. He cuts the orbits of both Saturn and Uranus. This allows him to connect, strengthen and rebalance our connections between the animal and tangible world with the energy world. This enables us to keep perspective and not invest too much in either medium. The most important part of this is that we must recognize and accept responsibility for ourselves.

One of the tangent issues in conjunction with the above is Mars’ ingress into Taurus on the 5th. This will make us starkly aware of what resources we do and don’t have in acknowledging and accepting our accountability relative to our responsibilities. When I say accountability, I merely mean our acknowledgment and acceptance of our situation and its circumstances whether created by us or others. When I speak of responsibility, this acknowledgment is taken a step further where we feel that we do something relative to what we are accountable for. The difference may seem subtle but it is very important to know the difference. It keeps our conscience and our obligations clear.

With the full Moon occurring in Capricorn on the 13th, Pluto strongly feeds the influences we will feel. Capricorn is the sign of not only building but of authority and sacrifice. Pluto rules the public and the masses. How we relate to authority and others and what they either ask, expect or demand of us must be scrutinized. How far do we want to allow public pressures to determine how we act? This will counter many of the influences related to the independent action provided by Jupiter and Chyron in Aries. We must choose where our independence ends and our obligations truly extend to. We must decide the limits that we will allow and or submit to. We must ask whose values will we wish to follow? Our own or an external source. Since the Sun is in Cancer, we must also decide what traditions we will still follow.

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