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Happy Birthday Aquarius 2022

At least the first part of this year will be following discipline and structure designed to align yourself with your better “angels.” This is only in the wake of having felt like you were trapped or cornered by prior promises you made that weren’t in your best interests. This has taught you that your humanitarian urges aren’t always in line with what’s best for your personal growth. Tough love may play a more dominant part than you might have thought.

This year your compassion is going through an overhaul. It’s great to be compassionate but when you lose the thread of your own path out of deference to others, the detour causes you time and aggravation. Don’t beat yourself up. There are plenty of other people to do that for you. Just recognize that you’ve overstepped into what others expect of you and resume your own path without guilt or regret. Your image in the eyes of others should hold little sway in how you conduct yourself. Others may not even notice you. Don’t let your pride get the better of you.

If you have siblings, this is a time where your loyalty-colored glasses have to come off. They’re also people with issues that often make them myopic to their own needs and oblivious to yours. Just accept this and move on. They may squawk about family obligation but this is usually just a ploy to get you to take care of their responsibilities while covering their guilt for not doing it themselves. Remember, they have lessons too.

This is a year of untying the dead weight and channeling your energy into personally beneficial projects. Be diverse. Let yourself express in many areas. Although you may not be sure which options are the best, don’t worry about feeling that you must be focused or totally invested in any one project. You’re learning to trust your intuition. Don’t get caught in a mindlock of having to decide which option is best now. The coming summer will show you which to choose and when.

Your resources and abilities are in the process of revamping themselves. Don’t be in a hurry to limit yourself through choosing which to intentionally work on. Keep all your irons in the fire. They will be clarified as you move through the year.

February 2022 Astrolights

As we begin with a new Moon in Aquarius along with Saturn, our humanitarianism and feelings of “brotherhood” are going through a shift. At this point in our current history most of us have come to realize that our expected socially “correct behavior” of always deferring to the “less fortunate” has simply become a ploy for advantage by using a small fraction of our population. Many of us are sick and tired of having our morals dictated to us by a progressively more corrupt authority. Many of us are turning off the media and beginning to think for ourselves. We recognize this as a ploy of those seeking advantage over us through overplaying their hand. It has become more and more obvious to us that we are being played by the pharmaceutical companies and the media through our fear of disease.

With Mercury going retrograde in Capricorn on January 14th, political subterfuge is becoming obvious to more and more of us. Neptune’s turning direct in December and Jupiter joining him December 30th has been slowly letting us regain our common sense. With a stellium of seven planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, the Moon, the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius, the fear mongering has gone overboard through mixed and confusing messaging. The energy is getting our attention through resonating in Cancer and Leo; our traditions and our children. Enough is enough. We can’t believe anything that we hear anymore. It’s time to pull back and decide ourselves. The talking heads are losing their power over us and it’s about time. Omicron isn’t the boogeyman they’ve made it out to be. We might also ask ourselves in all this, what happened to the flu? Is there still such a thing?

Chyron’s movement into the first house in Aries tells us we must work on healing our own family, our social integrity and what we allow our belief systems to be influenced by. The Pied Piper has lost his charm. We must pick up the ball and run with it. The need for teamwork can no longer be used as an excuse for our lack of initiative. We must become accountable for our own choices.

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