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Workshops & Series Classes

All classes are available on MP3. All workshops are $17.95. Multi-session classes are priced individually. To purchase, please contact me for download & shipping options at (941) 286-1562 or Payment can be made by check or PayPal.




ASTROLOGY for Purpose, Power and Perspective - Take a look at and enhance your knowledge of planets, houses, signs, transits and aspects from a life purpose and growth oriented point of view. With attention to karmic beginnings and current situations John takes a closer look at the dynamic flow of energy in yearly cycles, life change points, reaping and sowing hemispheres, planetary pictures, final dispositors & opening and closing aspects of planetary cycles. Coverage also extends to integrating transiting planetary triggers with the internal dynamics of progressions and their timing. 6 Sessions. $90.


LUNAR NODES - As one of the most misunderstood factors in astrological interpretation the lunar nodes indicate past life patterns that we must cleanly incorporate into our daily life situations. Rather than indicating what you should or shouldn't do, they indicate the polarity of energy and circumstances that are in need of re-balancing. In this they contain a reservoir of past life energy that, if ignored, will create contentious and puzzling life experiences until they are acknowledged, addressed and resolved. Find out how, where and why these adjustments must be made. Wkshp.


LUNAR PHASES - What lunar phase were you born under? Why is it important? Lunar phases were used by the ancients to determine when to plant and reap. Humans are no different from the earth in following this pattern? Dynamic changes in our attitude and emotional dispositions have been documented when the moon phases peak and ebb at full and new just like the ocean's tides. The phases show the cyclic pattern influencing our physical, emotional and mental world. Learn the progression of phases in order to understand and predict patterns our behavior and circumstances eventually leading to a tangible conclusion. Besides the Moon, the planets also move through phases not dissimilar to the Moon's.  Find out how the phases influence the way you approach your life. Wkshp.


DECANS, NUMBERS AND SABIAN SYMBOLS - Follow the path of numbers and their meanings, the threefold division of each sign and the symbolic imagery of each degree through application to and interpretation of the chart. Wkshp.


ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY - Explore the work of Alice Bailey and Ernest Wood through the use of the 7 rays; their meanings, components, uses and their correspondences to many other sciences. 5 Sessions. $75.


TALENT, ABILITY & THE RAYS - This workshop gives an interpretation of vocation using esoteric principles. Wkshp.


ADVANCED CALCULATION - Learn to interpolate any point between two degrees. Wkshp.


RECTIFICATION - Having no birth time is not as bad as it seems. Learn Bernadette Brady's method and be assured that you will locate the ascendant. Wkshp.


ASTRONOMY 4 ASTROLOGERS - Have you ever wondered what a node or declination actually looked like? Learn these answers and more through diagrams and explanations. Wkshp.


RELOCATION CHARTS - Moving from one location to another changes your houses but not your planetary positions. Find out how you can use this to your advantage. Wkshp.


MIDPOINT ASTROLOGY - Utilize the power of these sensitive points with the use of the 90ø dial as they are contacted by transits, progressions and relationships. 2 Sessions. $30.


LILITH, THE DARK MOON - Learn in what sign and house Lilith will deny you your desires that you may grow out of spiritual immaturity. Wkshp.


CHIRON, THE HEALER - Chiron heals and teaches us. Find out how he works through your chart. Wkshp.


VULCAN, THE FORGE - The purging fires can be a bear to work through, yet, what is smelted provides raw materials for new growth. Wkshp.


MINOR ASPECTS - Minor aspects have been long neglected by the astrological community. Their subtlety and consistent effects follow a regular cycle yielding some surprising results.



MECHANICS OF CRYSTALS - Learn the relationship of the planets, the body's chakras or energy centers, the rays, numerology and colors to the mineral kingdom. Explains the use of crystals and their characteristics according to size, shape, color, hardness, resonance and more. Wkshp.


HEALING PROPERTIES OF STONES - Stones and crystals have their own properties but also have the effect of magnifying and transforming whatever energy we pass through them. Learn what we can and can't do with stones and why, the rules and principles by which they work and how their variables such as color, clarity, hardness, shape, weight, frequency, proximity, absorption, focus, spectrum, chakras influence their effect. Wkshp.



I-CHING - In China, the most ancient divination of choice was called the I-Ching. It was, originally, a system of formulating a question through deep meditation, tossing yarrow stalks and sorting the "answer" from the positioning of the stalks. In modern day we can use an abbreviated version of the I-Ching through tossing three pennies (weighted evenly as opposed to other coins) and reading the meanings of the different combinations of heads and tails as compared to the sixty-four hexagrams or images used in the I-Ching Book of Changes. Learn the use and symbolism of this most ancient oracle for growth, prediction and life understanding from a cyclic perspective. Meanings are correlated to other disciplines. 3 Sessions. $45.



CHI KUNG – In our reactions to people and daily life we create patterns that block our energy and sap our vitality. “Chi” meaning energy and “Kung” meaning exercise focuses on increasing our energy flow, circulation and vitality through movement, breath and focus. As a gentle exercise, it is remarkably effective for clearing, energizing and centering. Eight slow and separate motions activate different energy meridians purging stale energy and bringing forth vitality and a feeling of well-being. Anyone of any age who can pay attention and imitate simple non-strenuous movements can benefit with immediate results. Chi Kung also increases blood flow, deepens breathing and increases range of motion in practically anyone who performs these moderate exercises. In person only.


HEALING WITH COLOR – This is a class designed to instruct students how to utilize color and light as a supplement in creating, maintaining and promoting health. Solid information on chakra, gland and color correspondences are presented throughout the lecture. Includes information presented by John Ott, a Sarasota photographer, who pioneered concepts in light study and health. Wkshp.


ENERGY HEALING & LAYING OF HANDS - Healing with energy is one of the oldest forms of healing.  In this workshop John will tell you how to raise your own energy for use in healing, and how to use “laying on of hands” techniques to transmit healing energy to an ill or injured person.  He'll also cover the finer points of when you should use your healing gift, and when you shouldn't.  Being able to generate healing energy is only a small portion of what is actually involved in healing work - knowing how and when to use it is what makes you an effective healer. In addition to the laying of hands, your state of mind, your knowledge of energy dynamics, your understanding of what part of the body to work on and the fact that all energy healing is temporary and that it is up to your client to continue progress are a few of the issues covered. This workshop is aimed at novice through professional level healers. Wkshp.



BEGINNER’S MEDITATION - Learn some of the simplest ways of entering a meditative state and maintaining it with special attention to environment, state of mind, intent, breathing, yoga and many other factors. Class includes a guided meditation. Wkshp.


CHAKRA EXERCISE – Meditation has always been an accelerator for relaxing and centering us. But it also has the effect of putting our energy and awareness in top performance. If we also add working with each of the energy centers in our body individually, we can only imagine how much more balanced and effective we can become. These energy centers are called Chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or vortex. We have seven primary vortices. When they become clogged with emotional debris we become sluggish, foggy and unfocused. Clearing and energizing them can have dramatic effect on our performance and well-being. This class will teach you how to clear and charge them. We also explore the corresponding colors, glands, nature kingdoms and many other aspects that relate to each center and finish with a simple exercise designed to clear and energize your auric field. Wkshp.


MEDITATIONS 4 PROFICIENCY – Includes Progressive Relaxation, Lite Meditation, Worry Box, Energy Balloon, Third Eye & Open Palm Recharge, Workplace, Mantra, Chakra Exercise, NRG Screen, Remote Viewing, Long Distance Healing, Astral Travel, Past Life Journey and One Month Programming. Wkshp.


MEDITATIONS 4 ENERGY & AURA WORK – Includes Progressive Relaxation, Worry Box, Work Place, Mandala Meditation, Chakra Exercise, Cone of Power & Long distance Healing, NRG Screen and One Month Programming. Wkshp.


MEDITATIONS 4 USING TOOLS & TOYS – Includes Progressive Relaxation, Worry Box, Work Place, Group Healing, Meet Your Guides, Childhood Fear Elimination, Past Life Visit, Long Distance Viewing with Message, Astral Travel, Cone of Power & One Month Programming. Wkshp.


MEDITATIONS 4 CHANNELING & MEDIUMSHIP- Opens the five gates, opens a channel to your Higher Self and your guides, builds your control room, sends a picture and receives a message for self and others. Wkshp.



BASIC NUMEROLOGY – This is an in depth series introducing the numbers, birth path, expression, soul urge, quiet self, sub-cycles, pinnacles, personal and universal years, table of inclusion and correspondences to other disciplines. Through this class you’ll identify your chosen path, recognize your abilities and disabilities and plan your path of endeavors using the dynamics of a predictable nine year cycle. This classes emphasizes the potential outcome of your relationships. It will also assist you in learning the paths and abilities of your children and much more. Many examples are worked through in class. 4 Sessions. $60.


ADVANCED NUMEROLOGY – This series goes further in depth covering the excursion table, the pyramid and other aspects designed for growth and predictive techniques. 3 Sessions. $45.


NUMEROLOGY AND THE RAYS - Combines the effects and rules of numerology with the esoteric work of Alice Bailey. Wkshp.


NUMEROLOGY, ASTROLOGY AND THE NAME – This workshop cross corresponds metaphysical disciplines in order to give depth to your interpretations. Wkshp.


NUMEROLOGY 4 BEGINNERS – Everything in the world is created and identified through vibration. The most common medium used to identify and integrate those vibrations is the language of numbers. Though them you can identify your chosen path, recognize your abilities and disabilities and plan your path of endeavors using the dynamics of a predictable nine year cycle. Numerology can help you understand yourself, others, know the potential outcome of your relationships, learn the paths and abilities of your children and much more. This is an intensive workshop introducing the numbers, their meanings, correspondences, birth path, expression, soul urge, quiet self, personal and universal years and correspondences to other disciplines. Wkshp.



FOLLOWING the MOON: Planning, Growing & Harvesting Your Deepest Desires Using the Natural Cycle – Want to be in sync with the natural forces? Aligning with the ebb and flow of nature’s energy can supercharge your projects and bring much faster and stronger results than simply trusting on the spot planning. The ancients knew full well the power of the Moon and using her cycles for guiding the timing and the planting of their life endeavors. We can do the same in every aspect of our lives creating prosperity through aligning with the natural flow of energy. Learn to use each of the eight phases as planning points for your projects.   

Doubtful? Science has asserted that validation of the moon’s effect on us is dubious at best. Yet, evidence has shown time and again that changes in moon phases have a dramatic effect on our perception, energy and attitude. Since we are more than 70% water, we also have “internal tides” just as the ocean does. We need only check hospital and police records on the new and full moons to recognize their effects. Wkshp.


COSMIC LAW - The universe was built on seven immutable energies. Archaic sayings are much truer than you might think! Find out which and why. Includes work from Alice Bailey and Ernest Wood. Wkshp.


CELESTINE PROPHESY WORKSHOP - Who were your parents? What were their values? Why were you born? What would you like to change about yourself? The process of finding your true spiritual identity involves looking at your whole life and family as one long story and finding a higher meaning. Join John in reviewing The Celestine Prophecy, personal control dramas, their effect on you and how to clear them. Wkshp.


INTRODUCTION TO SELF-TRUST - There are many blatantly and subtly learned patterns in our childhood upbringing that undermine our confidence. We are trained into not trusting our own feelings and intuition and to instead look to others for approval and acceptance. This is done through a maze of dysfunctional cultural under- currents and adages geared to keep us in roles of performing self-diminishing behaviors needed to cover for our parent’s unconsciously believed shortcomings. As we grow older we then move into the world attracting relationships that repeat and even seek out the same self-devaluing rapport we had with our parents growing up. The sad part is that many of us never know that this is occurring. This has a devastating effect on our ability to participate honestly in relationships. How much have you been subtly programmed and don’t even know it. Wkshp. (Text book and workbook available.)



PSYCHIC PROTECTION & CLEARING - Too much static? Too many hyped people? Too many dumpers and drainers? Relax! Creating a strong stable foundation for handling our day to day activities is a real challenge in our personal working environment whether on the job or at home. There are many ways in which our balance feels compromised daily by toxic people and situations that arise around us. Learn some of the ways we can mitigate the effect of those influences through simple clearing practices, meditation, energy barriers and making small behavior changes in our interpersonal exchanges in order to strengthen and maintain our own energetic balance. Wkshp.



TAROT: THE ASTROLOGICAL LAYOUT – Using and Mastering the Tarot and the Astrological Layout is a dynamic method to using the tarot cards, astrology and numerology in an innovative approach toward interpretation and integration of meanings. Each house represents a specific set of issues and circumstances particular to each area of life such as relationships, traditions, career and more. This method allows you to separate the issues with clarity in a way that the Celtic cross and other layouts don’t. Timing is established through the separate layers and any person in your client’s life can be found simply by counting to the appropriate house then simply reading the wheel as a new client.  Learning this method will provide tremendous dimension and insight to your readings. Prior knowledge of astrology is unnecessary. 4 Sessions. $60.

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